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Compass Concierge Has Changed The Home Selling Experience


Steve has been wonderful to work with when I was Living out of state and I wanted to sell my Chicago condo.

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Through Story We Show How The Value Driven Approach To Sell Real Estate Gets Superior Results For Our Clients

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If you, the homeowner, thought your home could potentially be featured on HGTV, to be renovated and flipped for max profit, would you apply? Of course you would. What if you didn’t have to use your own money to experience the transformation?

Thousands of people apply to be on all kinds of concept shows. The Bachelor. The Bachelorette. Master Chef. Extreme Home Makeover. The Biggest Loser. Why? Because if you believe you will experience a transformation, that benefits you in a significant way, financial or otherwise, you will apply to be considered.

Compass Concierges’ is the vehicle that provides the transformation you need to pull that extra equity out of your home sale. The way you achieve great results is by thinking like an investor. Not a home owner. Investors don’t think with emotion. They create the emotion for their customers who walk through the front door. Enticing them to pay a higher perceived value.

Compass has revolutionized the way we sell real estate.

If I were to ask you if an extra $20,000 in equity, from the sale of your house, would go a long way to paying that college tuition bill, would it?

Would an extra $10,000 afford you a fabulous vacation?
How about an extra $30,000 to pay down those high interest rate credit cards?

All of these scenarios are not uncommon. And there possible to eliminate if you commit to transformation. Compass Concierges’ has been created to solve these problems. Giving you the ability to transform your home so you can pull more profit out of the sale price.

How do we do this? By investing in you. The home seller. Compass’ real estate revolutionary program is limiting the burden for homeowners to come up with the necessary capital to renovate their homes. Compass, through its Concierges’ package, will front you the money, at no interest or hidden cost, so you can add the perceived value you need to go on that vacation you have always dreamed about.

The reason most homeowners don’t achieve great results is because their goal is to retain equity. They don’t have the mindset to expand it. In order to grow your equity you must be disciplined. You must implement a rigid approach that has proven to achieve great results. This is where my game of ‘List or Flip It’ guarantees transformation. And that transformation, through smart investment principles, based on my book ‘The Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate’, equals maximum ROI: Return On Investment.

Let Compass Concierges’ be your vehicle to achieve the results you never thought possible.