In a survey conducted by Inman, a U.S.-based trade magazine for realtors, 60% of respondents felt that withholding critical information [from the client]is a common occurrence.
And yet, here is the shocking part: 

     The majority of homeowners still will not take it upon themselves to do the due diligence necessary to protect themselves. Real Estate Greed is real. It exists. Sure, many agents are ethical and can be trusted. But as the Inman survey found, the majority of agents may not be ethical.  
     This is something I see on a daily basis. As you know, over the course of several months, I invested a great deal of time and energy to construct the book, The Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate: A practical guide to protect yourself from Real Estate Greed & bank and extra $30,000 by thinking like the great Warren Buffet. If you do not have a copy, I will get you a copy. It is that important. If you have a friend or family member who needs a copy. I will get them a copy too, reading it could be the difference between success and failure. For the clients who have read it, then meticulously adhered to the steps outlined in the chapters, we have consistently seen higher bottom-line profits. Yes, this is great. But the opposite has also been true. Those who do not make it a priority to adhere to the steps outlined in the book, their bottom-line profits have suffered.        By these people I am frustrated. Partly I guess it is my fault. Perhaps I’ve not done a good [enough] job to convey the importance of adhering to the exact process. In certain cases, I’ve allowed exeptions. I’ve even broken my own rules. I have, of course, warned these folks about the likely damage that will be caused, as a result of not adhering to the steps outlined in the book, but I’ve been soft. I haven’t been as adamant as I should be about not allowing deviation from the approach that’s been proven. I want my clients to be successful. I want my clients to maximize their profit. I want my clients to be one of the few who see their real estate agent (me) as an investment, returning in spades, oppose to the salesman who runs off with the commission. We both know these kinds of agents exist. Inman found, if their survey is correct, 60% of agents are that way. Unethical. 

     As a commitment to my clients. And to myself. I’ve decided to be more firm in my modus operandi. If someone is not willing to read my book, and at least understand the basic arguments, and precisely adhere to the approach outlined, then I can no longer work with those folks. 

     It is painful and frustrating to me, to see a client get an inferior result, when I know the result could have been much better. Perhaps it’s the competitor in me. The sense of pride I have about my work. Or the want I’ve always had to do my best. Or maybe it’s all three, plus a number of other factors too. I just know that it kills me, and is not at all gratufying to sell a home, for a client, when I know the result is inferior to which it could be, because we didn’t take the time to do X, Y, Z… outlined in my book.
     And frankly, if I’m being honest, it boggles my mind. Why do these poeple not care about their home sale? Why do they not take it seriously? Do they not realize the difference, proper preparation can make—a profit difference that could be as high as $30,000 more? That’s a lot of money. 
     If you have any explanation for me, I would love to hear it. 
     At the end of the day, to be happy, and to achieve something special for my clients, I want to work with clients who are as committed to the success of their home sale as I am. 

     Just finishing the race isn’t enough, when you know you could have won, had you just tried harder. 

-Reported in Money Sense, 
Tricks Realtors® Use to Sell Homes

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